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Story of a Ramadan (2018)

Asalaamualaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu (May God's Peace and Blessings Be Upon You All)!

The Struggle Is REAL

The blessed month has arrived! It is now officially Ramadan, and it is time for us to use this month InshaAllah (God Willing) to be able to use this time to strengthen our souls.

I know this year has been really tough on me, and I have found myself going through trial after trial, wondering when things come to an end. At times, I have felt my iman (faith) drop because I struggle to the constantly keep my soul at rest.

The truth is that this life is a test and that the Quran states that "with every hardship there is ease"  but, how we continue to build and make sure that we are doing self-care in the process is something I have struggled with. Over this past year, I have been constantly been at a state understand what it means to do self-care, and after lots of research, seeing lectures, listening to stories I have now started to make the connects of self-care to the state of my iman. I am excited to share with you all soon (InshaAllah), what these lessons are as well as what you all have learned! This journal post I am dedicating in introducing some great things in store that I am creating through the SOAH platform.


This year I am thankful to say that I will be holding this Ramadan, a GIVEAWAY for y'all! This giveaway will have 3 winners and the deadline of when this giveaway will end is June 18th and announcements will be held one week after on June 25th.

How Do You Enter?

It's actually really simple, just 3 easy steps:

Write and share your lessons of what you learn these next 30 days of Ramadan and share the story as how you came across learning that lesson. You may share it as a post on Facebook, Instagram, a Video, Email or even in a blog post! If you have any questions on what other forms of Social Media that you can use, feel free to email me at storyofahijabi@gmail.comUse the three hashtags, #SOAH #StoryOfARamadan #RamadanMoment to share your moment!Tag me @storyofahijabi so that I may be able to check it out and also share your story!

Please post or send a picture (of your own that either you took or someone helped you take - no googling or using stock pictures folks) that symbolizes the lessons and story you are sharing.

Why The Giveaway?

Regardless, if you do win this giveaway or not, I will be sharing your stories to honor the time you put into sharing what you learned and so that folks all across the world may learn from the things that you share! Let's build a community to learn from one another and help push each other to strive to be our best selves this Ramadan and even afterwards! These stories don't only benefit folks from all across the world, but they do for yourself as memories to look back to whenever you find yourself struggling. Documenting moments is a great way to keep our stories alive and revive our souls whenever we feel stuck.

What's Happening This Month?

I will InshaAllah not only be hosting this giveaway but, InshaAllah working with collaborators to make this Ramadan extra sweet! I also will be vlogging consecutively these next 30 days of my journey this Ramadan, as well as write daily journal entries and poems of things that I learn and make spaces for folks to share their stories and lessons that we can take away.

I will be on and off social media so there might be some times where I might not be on time with posts but, God Willing I will be steadfast, and make sure to be on top of things as much as I can be. 

Quick Reminders

Remember, this Ramadan is our chance to revive our souls, to take a step to figure out what our what direction we want to head towards in our life. I know Ramadan is at a time where a lot of students have classes and trying to survive out here for finals or focus have a lot going on for them at this time but, even though we may have a lot of responsibilities in this dunya (this world), we have a responsibility and duty to ourselves and to Allah swt.

For us Muslims, this month will be challenging because of the temptations that surround us ...I mean, I can legit smell food like a mile away, I don't know if it is just my senses heightening or if I'm just hungry but, it is definitely a struggle out here. Through this time we cannot forget that through this journey, that we must take care of ourselves.

Make goals for yourself and make sure you have time to breathe, away from all of responsibilities because remember who we have a duty towards?! How do we expect us to be able to do all this work if we aren't even taking the time to take care of ourselves. I pray that Allah swt make this Ramadan easy for us, that we take all the lessons that we learn this month into the future, that we can get closer to Him, that we gain the blessings and that he forgive us for our mistakes and shortcomings. Ameen. I am looking forward to this month, and I hope you are too! 

Until the next story,


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