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Resources to Maximize Ramadan 2020 in Quarantine

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Salaams and Hello To All,

It definitely has been a minute since I last posted here but, InshaAllah that will be changing soon!

Today, I wanted to talk about Ramadan and put out some reminders and tips along the way that may be beneficial for you this Ramadan! The blessed month is approaching near and dear to our hearts and sadly we may not be able to spend it in the way we may have expected to. During the crisis of COVID-19, we are kept in practicing social distancing, so much so that churches, temples and masjids all across the world are closed.

What does this mean as Muslims?

Will we be able to pray taraweeh prayers together, go to Jummah Prayer at the masjid, invite guests over for iftar, or even spend time in the House of Allah. Will it get to the point that we wont have Eid Prayer? Allah Knows Best.

What I do know is that this should not stop us from still getting the benefits of Ramadan. I have done some research and have tried to put as many resources as I could find as well as recommendations on different tools that you can use during this time. I will InshaAllah continue to be adding more to list! If you have an recommendations, suggestions or any additional tips, please get in contact with me so I can add them and give you credit or share them in the comments so that others may benefit!

In the mean time, check them out, benefit from these tools and share them to those around you so that they may also benefit InshaAllah!


COMMUNITY LEADERS Life of a Hooyo - Rahma Rashid

  • YouTube - for more beneficial, educational stories, life lessons, and inspirational content as a Somali Mother with an upcoming Friday series this Ramadan

  • Instagram (@lifeofahooyo)

Traditional Oromo Therapy - UmmalKhayr

  • Instagram (@traditional.oromotherapy) - for more education on healthy, natural remedies and tools to use for your health and body!

Queen Amal

  • Instagram (@a.maow) - check out IGTV for some beneficial Islamic reminders and takeaways

  • Youtube : Amal Maow - check out the 30 day Ramadan Podcast

  • Sister's Nightly Quran Recitation Group - 6pm est via Zoom (check out Quran Circle highlight for more inf0)

Hamziye Aman

  • Instagram (@hamziyeaman) - stay tuned for some great content on health & fitness to benefit and take with you especially this Ramadan!

Nafisa's Pearlz

  • Youtube - a Muslimah lifestyle coach and teacher making Islamic and personal development for Muslims

  • Instagram (@nafizapearlz)

EMAS Youth - Instagram @emasyouth

  • Youth Iftars - 9pm every Sunday after Maghrib (Zoom)

  • "A Muslim is..." Halaqah Series - 3pm every Saturday (Zoom)

Wasat - @wearewasat

  • The Book of Love with Baraka Blue - All month long (online course)

  • Community Check In - 6pm pst every Sunday (Zoom)

  • The Mysteries of Fasting - 7pm pst every Sunday (Zoom)

  • Virtual Iftar - Every Saturday, 15 mins prior to Maghrib (Zoom)

  • Language of Light - Wasat Social Media







  • Ramadan Legacy App

  • Athan Pro - Ramadan 2020

  • Quran Pro - The Ramadan Guide App

  • Ramadan Times 2020

  • Ramadan Daily Dua App

  • Muslim Pro App

  • Quran Reader App

  • One Path App

  • Al-Huda Live App

  • My Ramadan Planner App

  • Ramadan Challenge App

  • Tasbih Pro App

  • Islamic Lecture App

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