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From Letter To Lesson: Ramadan Edition

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

This series is going to be a daily reminder and a way to hold myself accountable first but also an invitation to whomever would love to join in! I want to understand the Quran better in order to better learn more about my Creator. In order to do so, I have decided to dedicate each day to learn each letter used in the Quran, from Alif to Ya. If you would like to follow along during this series and also start as well, here is how you do so, just follow along each day.

There are 28 letter in the Arabic Alphabet and so with that we will have possibly two additional days. On Day 1 will be a letter to yourself in order to motivate yourself this Ramadan. Write this letter so when you look back you can read back your letter of the promise you made yourself. At Day 3o, you will finally write a letter to Ramadan.

Each day a letter from the Arabic Alphabet will be used to start out our letter, but it doesn't stop there. For each letter of the Arabic Alphabet, think of a word that starts with that Alphabet letter that you would like to write about. With this, comes a lesson through each letter we write. There must be purpose as to why we write each letter, and so with that must come something we can take away or benefit from.

Some questions to keep in mind:

Try and learn more about the word you are writing about in the context of this Ramadan, about your day, how it relates to you, etc. Does the word tell a story? If so, what speaks to you when you learn about this word? You can write about this letter like a spoken word, poetry, rap, nasheed, do an art piece, whatever you come up with!

The purpose of this challenge is to not only reflect every day about the words we interact in our daily life to our deen but also, learn more about the Arabic Alphabet in relationship to the Quran. We are taught that we are rewarded for every letter we recite in the Quran and in Ramadan, that is tripled! If we really understood the blessings of each letter and each word in the Quran, we would have a bigger appreciation of the Quran, especially during this blessed month.

It is time we started to learn more about the Quran and ponder on the words in the Quran that are used as a means for us learn, to grow and strength our relationship with Allah with the very verses in which He gave to mankind.

I have listed the words I plan to use for each alphabet but if you would like to chose a different word, feel free and go ahead! If you do end doing this challenge, share it my way and I would love to share your work with others! Every Friday I will be on Insta Live and as a community we can share the letters we wrote and created with one another InshaAllah! The creativity of this challenge starts with you and with that said...

Here is how the day's will go you can get a visual:

Week 1

Day 1: Dear Self,

Day 2: أ - Alif for Allah

Day 3: ب - Ba' for Bismillah

Day 4: ت - Ta' for Tilawah

Day 5: ث - Tha' for Thawab

Day 6: ج - Jeem for Jamaah

Day 7: ح- Ha' for Halal/Haraam

Week 2

Day 8: خ - Kha' for Kutbah

Day 9: د - Dal for Dua

Day 10: ذ - Zal for Zhikir

Day 11: ر - Ra' for Ruqu

Day 12: ز - Zay for Zakat

Day 13: س - Seen for Shadah

Day 14: ش - Sheen for Shukran

Week 3

Day 15: ص - Saud for Salat

Day 16: ض - Daud for Dua

Day 17: ط Ta' for Tawaf

Day 18: ظ - Dha' for Dhur

Day 19: ع - Ayn for Eid

Day 20: غ - Ghayn for Ghusrl

Day 21: ف - Fa' for Fel

Week 4

Day 22: ق - Qaf for Quran

Day 23: ك - Kaf for Kabah

Day 24: ل - Lam for Labaik

Day 25: م - Mim for Masjid

Day 26: ن - Nun for Noor

Day 27: هـ - Ha for Hilal

Day 28: و - Waw for Wahid

Week 5

Day 29: ي - Ya for Yasin

Day 30: Dear Ramadan,

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