Behind the Scenes

How I Became A Blogger

Hi I'm Naima! I am a community organizer, poet, henna artist, and storyteller looking to create a platform about the life lessons learned in this journey called life. Along the way, I meet inspirational people who are changing the narrative and share these stories to not only change the narrative and honor underrepresented voices & work but, to teach others about how they can find their own voices.

Life is a difficult journey, especially when along the way you find yourself facing obstacles or facing oppression because of who you are but, this shouldn't stop you to love yourself. In this journey of life, we will all face obstacles and difficulties but, along the way we will learn lessons and find signs, such as people whom will inspire us and give us advice to help us face these hardships head on. I can tell you so far for me, I have learned so much along the way and I know there is far more to learn.


I hope with this website that I can be able to share with you what I learn to InshaAllah (God Willing) benefit you and be a helping hand because that is what others have done for me. True knowledge towards success is more valuable than anything on this planet. All I ask is any knowledge you take away from this page is to share it and pass it on. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more valuable to gain in this world is the lessons and skills to living life.

Till the next story.. Salaams!

Naima Shaltu

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